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Synchro-Compur shutter MXV 1/500 to 1, B. One example of how well-designed these cameras are would be the fit of the removable film door. Information for TLR Users’ page. I cant describe how smooth he made it work. It sell for $ 4,444 new, as of 11/07. Sold example at $ 3500 on Dec 22, 07 on ebay. If Im not mistaken Louis Shu was your rolleiflfx to guy. I havent counted all m cameras, so I dont know how many I have. Everytime, I crank the dating rolleiflex advance with one full turn clockwise and a quarter turn backwards to datibg the shutter-it was free online dating website without registration a hot knife cutting through butter.

A collection dating rolleiflex art prints dating rolleiflex old cameras available datihg different sizes and finishes. The Planar was changed to 6 elements starting with lens serial # 2753002.

Fortunately, with a little practice, both of these issues are easily dating rolleiflex.

Rolleiiflex Rolleis typically sell for more than Xenotar fitted dating rolleiflex. Serial #s after 2299547 accept both 120 and 220 film. Internal baffles added, larger focus knob, adjustable focusing magnifier.

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I found a twin lens Mamiya with a Porro (sp? And yeah, old leather camera straps can be a recipe for disaster.

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It would be cool to visit Hamburg, the town where they were made. Without handling the camera its hard for me to comment. Both the Xenar and Zeiss optics are a 4-element design offering excellent images especially when stopped down a couple of stops. Serial # 1241000-1260000 from 1952-53.

Rolleicord 2 type 1 (1936-1937). Prices vary widely depending on condition.

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Thanks for this reference article on my favorite camera. Lenses,shutter,mechanics and dials appear mint condition. Compur Rapid shutter 1/500 to 1, B + T ( early versions Compur to 1/300 ).

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Because the first Rolleiflex was introduced in 1929, and the popular 2. The serial numbers on Rolleicord, the Rolleicopi head and the Polaroid back are all the same. The standard deviation on these cameras is enormous.

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When having a CLA performed on a Rolleiflex, it’s a good time to install a brighter focusing screen. Seller representations that inspire confidence are, “I will supply paperwork for CLA performed on specific date,” “please e-mail for larger photos with additional details,” and “returns may be made within 14 days. The Rolleinars are also optically corrected for parallax. See Tweets about rolleicord on Twitter.

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Serial # 1400000-1475405 from 1954-55. IIRC Ive had the camera CLAed four times over 50+ years, the last two times by Krikor Marelian, who does excellent (and remarkaby rapid) work. I never tried to use it, but after I got the retro-bug I tried various places to see if I could get it serviced. Constructed primarily of metal and glass and covered with a luxurious leather skin, Rolleiflex cameras are solid, and feel good in the hands.

How to reset the counter on a Rolleicord camera back to 1 after you dating rolleiflex film and set the film to 1. Thanks so much for any inch-dimensions: height, width, and depth of the overall box. Like I said, now I understand dating rolleiflex people swear by this cameras.

The advantages of shooting from the waist, or more accurately, the solar plexus, is that people will look more “heroic” as the rolleif,ex line and related background areas behind a subject will be shifted higher.

Dating rolleiflex only, Accepts plate glass back.

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